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Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, tired of the hustle, and not seeing the reward on your business bottom line?

We believe that every woman in business can maximize her joy, productivity & profits with the support offered in our international community of female entrepreneurs and business building programs with
CEO & Founder, Michelle Andrishak. 

Together, it’s the proven recipe for business success!

WOW! Community Connections

Connection & Engagement is mission critical to success so we invite you to join over 3000 vibrant women from around the globe – the WOW! Tribe on Facebook and connect, collaborate and stay in the know.  JOIN NOW!

WOW! VIP Members

This VIP members community will help you grow that powerful, productive and profitable business. You’ll have an exclusive vibrant network of fellow female entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, consultants and coaches
to support your journey. 


Wherever you are in the world,
you can participate with WOW!
We gather to share business and leadership wisdom,
learn more about each other,
build connections and collaborations. Whether it’s through local events, online coffee chats and mix & mingles or masterclasses – we are here and
you are invited to join us!

Members Only WOW! Community

Here you’ll find epic support to help you start, grow and thrive as a wildly successful leader or entrepreneur.  Gain exclusive – members only tools, tips and meet a community of high achieving peers who are ready to support you and your dreams.

WOW! Inner Circle Masterminds

Mastermind groups are a proven way to access the power of collective business and leadership intelligence!
Here, you’ll find valuable advice, encouragement and accountability.
Learn from your peers and special guest experts, be challenged and held accountable in a professionally facilitated group of peers. This is the path to elevating your business and leadership to the next level.

Coaching & Consulting

Through individual coaching with Michelle Andrishak, Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified Business Coach & Founder of WOW!, you’ll build a collaborative plan to get on track and headed toward your goals, driving purpose, passion, and profit for your business.

Meet Michelle…

WOW! Reviews


WOW! has given me the opportunity to connect with other women in business by providing a network of focused business women who continue to support one another .

Christine Plumb

Owner , Body Connections Ltd.

WOW! has become a part of my business and part of my heart! I regularly attend the gatherings online and in person, I value the wisdom that comes from this group of inspiring women in business. Along with support from my business coach and mentor, Michelle Andrishak, WOW! has helped me increase my business sales by over 44%…now that’s WOW!

Lucie Bouvier

Artist, Business Owner, Carlos Little Bead Store

I’m new to WOW but look forward to finding “like minded” business women, Inspiration, Friendship, WOW! biz moments to enhance my business, mentors that truly speak to me. Having been self employed for over 25 years I also look forward to providing some of those same things to other new(er) entrepreneurs.
This looks to me to be a great group of women from all walks – in diverse businesses and I’m certain there is something here for everyone!

Laurel McClinton

Consultant & Leader, Partylite Gifts

WOW has absolutely helped Bornn Bookkeeping and myself. I have gotten the confidence that I needed to go “I can do this”

Chantelle Bornn

Owner & CEO, Bornn Bookkeeping