We are going to pay you to network and grow your existing business!

Who does that? We do!

We are looking for a very special woman…

A woman who thrives on establishing connections and building strategic business relationships.

If you are a business owner and/or leader in your professional career with a passion for make quality connections that build both your business and personal development WOW! would like to talk to you about becoming a WOW! Chapter Leader.

WOW! Women in Business and Leadership has a dynamic, smart new way for you to attract customers, gain influence and increase your cash flow, all while making a huge difference for business and professional women in your community and having fun!

The position of WOW! Chapter Leader gives you the ability to grow your existing business, you even get paid to network!  If you would like to lead a community of success minded entrepreneurial and professional women, and be compensated to grow your network the Chapter Leader role would be perfect for you.

A WOW! Chapter Leader has the opportunity to attract customers to her business, gain influence by building a regional WOW! tribe, and make a huge difference in her community.  This is an important role and its lucrative and fun.

WOW! supports their Chapter Leaders to be super successful – you don’t have to do this alone, we have systems in place!

If you can answer YES to these four questions, you are already a perfect candidate for our Chapter Leader position/program:

  • Do you find that networking and making connections is the best way to grow your business?
  •  Are you a “get it done girl” and make things happen?
  •  Do you have awesome organizational skills?
  •  Would you like to have more fun, friends and a bigger personal network?

Our Chapter Leaders are independent contractors who are compensated for growing chapter communities, hosting local events and helping women succeed. This is an important role in your community, and it is lucrative, fulfilling and fun!


Apply today to become a WOW! Chapter Leader, we’d love to hear from you!


Kim Free - WOW! Chapter Co-Leader for Olds, Sundre & Didsbury, Alberta Canada

Hey, I’m Kim, and I’m the owner and CEO of Small Town Girl Promotions – a small social media agency with a passion for helping small businesses harness the power of social media. My educational background in psychology and sociology plus my work background as an elementary and middle school teacher has given me the tools I need to create powerful content that grabs the attention of today’s social media user. I have a passion for helping small business owners and love watching them thrive when their social media is taken care of and supporting their business pursuits the way it should!
I grew up in Olds, currently live in Sundre, and love the whole Central Alberta region. I passionately believe that shopping local, supporting local, and collaborating with one another is a major key in the economic wellness of our rural Albertan communities.
In WOW, I’ve found a community of women at my fingertips – both online and in person. These women are kind and fabulous! They are passionate about their businesses and they love to support one another.

Joanne Ward - WOW! Chapter Leader for Ponoka, Blackfalds & Lacombe, Alberta Canada

First of all, I have so much gratitude to you Michelle for honoring me with the position of WOW LEADER for the Blackfalds/Lacombe Chapter.  Your belief in me as a Leader has elevated my belief in myself.  I love Leadership and being entrusted with this has been a privilege. This has helped me both personally and professionally because of the credibility that has come along with this position. This has brought awareness to myself and my business and this is invaluable as an entrepreneur~  Also, I have made amazing friends and business connections with the WOW TRIBE. 

I am the CEO of Joanne Ward Experiences.I’m a fun loving tribe builder who develops wine, fashion and self care experiences to empower women to live a bold beautiful life. My life is dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls, and I do this through WOW! and my “Love Myself” Facebook group. I also offer self-development programs such as vision boards and self-love workshops. 


Michelle Andrishak - WOW! Founder & Chapter Leader for Rocky Mountain House Alberta Canada

Hey, I’m Michelle, CEO & Founder of WOW! International Women In Business & Leadership Inc. and chapter leader for Rocky Mountain House. I believe that conversations are the key to building businesses and those conversations lead to connections, community, referrals and finally currency for your organization.                               
That’s how WOW! was developed, on conversations and it has expanded beyond my wildest expectations where women all over the globe can build meaningful business relationships…my mission is to ensure that whatever business you are in, wherever in the world you live, you have a community that supports you and you never have to feel overwhelmed and alone on your journey to being wildly successful as a woman in business or leadership.  

Stacey May WOW! Chapter Leader for Spruce Grove & Devon, Alberta Canada

Hello! I’m Stacey and I’m thrilled to be a WOW! Chapter Co-Leader! 

I also serve as a Town Councillor for the community of Devon, Alberta and I serve to protect the values and sense of community that are important to Devon residents. Devon is absolutely my home, and I have a sincere desire to make a difference. 

I am also an independent insurance agent with Combined Insurance a leading provider of individual supplemental accident, disability, health, and life insurance products.

I’m excited to join WOW! as the Chapter Leader for the Devon & Spruce Grove region, I find the gatherings a great place where you can make quality business connections and learn so much from the guest speakers.

Dr. Sheryl Rist - WOW! Chapter Leader for Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hi, I’m Dr. Sheryl, owner of Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness. I’ve been an Alberta Registered Acupuncturist since 2001 and a Doctor of Natural Medicine since 2006.

As a mom of twin boys and woman in business, finding WOW! was like finding my tribe…women who really get you and understand the ups and downs and juggling act that it is to be an entrepreneur, mom, community volunteer and so much more!

As a doctor my specialties and training include, but are not limited to: MVA, Trauma, digestion, headaches, concussion, females cycle issues including fertility. I’m an energetic intuitive healer who, for the last two decades, has served using my expertise of acupuncture, herbs, homeopathics, and supplements to empower individuals and families to live healthier lives.


Janine Oliver - WOW! Chapter Leader for Airdrie Alberta Canada

Hello, I’m Janine Oliver, the face behind Complete Financial Care by Janine – where I work with families, business owners, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life to educate, protect from financial crisis and support in setting and achieving their financial goals.

Moving from Manitoba where I had a 30 year successful career in finance, I now use my expertise to help my clients understand finance in an easy manner and with an eye to budget.
I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, who are my pride and joy.  My goal, in addition to giving you excellent service, is to get to know you and your family so I can recommend the best plans for you that fit within your budget and meet your needs.
I’m excited to join WOW! as the Chapter Leader for Airdrie, I find the gatherings welcoming and inclusive, where you can make quality business connections.

Erinne Allen WOW! Chapter Leader for Grand Forks, British Columbia Canada

Hi my name is Erinne Allen, I am so excited to be the first Chapter Leader for
WOW! International Women In Business in British Columbia.  I own an event planning company called “Who’s Your Planner?”  www.whosyourplanner.com

As my children were growing, and when I found a little time for myself, I
started looking for a way to take what I loved to do to the next level.  I became
a Certified Wedding Planner through The Wedding Planners Institute of
Canada, which is recognized all over the world. A couple of years later I did my Destination Wedding Planners Certificate.

I created “Who’s Your Planner?” and I have been putting on events for almost fifteen years.  In April 2019 I was hired for a two-year contract as the Events Manager for the City of Grand Forks BC.  Since my arrival, I have put many events together for the community.  I am so excited to share my passion as a woman in business with my peers in the area through WOW! events and more!


Carman Murray WOW! Chapter Leader for Online Gatherings

Hi, I’m Carman Murray and I’m thrilled to be one of  WOW!’s Chapter Leaders! I lead some of our online meetings so no matter where you live you can connect with growth-minded women in business. 

I have many roles: entrepreneur, yoga teacher, healer, teacher, mom, rancher, wife, leader, woman. My why in life is to model for my own children that each one of us has the choice to shine our gifts to the world. My what is working with others and inspiring them to move away from overwhelm, anxiety and stress and move toward ease, thrive and building a supportive network of people around them – their tribe. I run my own business where I lead workshops, retreats, yoga classes, dynamic groups, and courses.


Chantelle Bornn WOW! Chapter Volunteer Team Member for Red Deer & Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Hi, I’m Chantelle owner of Bornn Bookkeeping and long-time WOW! Member.  Since 2002, I have been in the business of solving problems.

With an extensive background in risk management, auditing and training I have a lot of hands-on experience seeing what doesn’t work and implementing a
plan to fix it.

I have worked in both the corporate and small business world as well as the
not-for-profit sector as a volunteer.

After completing the Bookkeeping Certification from Red Deer College in
2014, I opened up Bornn Bookkeeping as a compliment service through
Central Alberta Exteriors which I co-own with my husband Travis.


Brenda Kolasa WOW! Chapter Volunteer Team Member for Red Deer & Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Hi I’m Brenda. I have a strong background in graphic design and entrepreneurship. Throughout my career, I have capitalized on these assets to build several successful businesses. I’ve built teams, events, collaborative networks, personal and business growth programs; my graphic design skills have helped business owners all over the world to stay competitive with their visual brand since 1994.

I’m also a success coach for entrepreneurs and leaders – I LOVE helping women untangle their mind for a path of clarity so that they can enjoy their business more without being so overwhelmed as they achieve their goals. I know ALL ABOUT having to get over different blocks, and love using the Kaizen method of ‘small steps for continual results’ to overcome the hurdles associated with business. 

I’m an aspiring artist, nature enthusiast, and kayaking/camping diva… and I am an award-winning entrepreneur and head creative, sales & project manager, proprietor, tea & wine drinker and LOVE connecting with other women in business through WOW!

https://www.visualresolvegraphics.com/    https://brendakolasa.com

Nicole Lorrain WOW! Chapter Volunteer Team Member for Red Deer & Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Hi, I’m Nicole. I  have worked for the Government of Canada for over 26 years, getting my first taste as a Public Servant at the age of 19 working on a road crew with Alberta Transportation. I am currently a Workforce Consultant for the Ministry of Labour for the Government of Alberta. For the last five years, I have worked with employers to assist them with their recruitment and retention needs as well as other human resource needs. As a graduate of the Bachelor of Management program at Red Deer College, I am passionate about WOW!, my community and supporting local businesses and post-secondary institutions.

Anna Lorena Sauve' WOW! Chapter Volunteer Team Member for Red Deer & Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Hi, I’m Anna Lorena Sauvé, I’m a Senior Account Manager at the Business Development Bank of Canada and an advocate for women entrepreneurs.

Originally, I am from Switzerland where I acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Science; specialized in International Management, and have spent the last 14 years in banking. My experience in the financial sector and my passion for powerful women entrepreneurs has allowed me to contribute and grow local businesses!

As the only bank exclusively devoted to entrepreneurs, BDC’s innovative solutions are tailor-made for Canadian business owners and is unique to the banking world. Our mission is to develop strong Canadian businesses through financing, advisory, and capital, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in all industries. I’m proud to be a part of such a great organization that allows me to give back to the community and be part of the amazing organization WOW!


Robin Armitage WOW! Chapter Volunteer Team Member for Red Deer & Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Hi I’m Robin, I am a woman driven by a need to improve the lives of the people in my sphere and the world in general. I was once told that I couldn’t change the world,
my reply was: “No, but I can make my corner a little better!” She loves making that corner better through her Partylite Home Decor Business, which I have had for over 22 years! 
My family (spouse, Murray Gommerud, two sons, four stepchildren, and fourteen grandchildren) and friends are my priorities. I also have other persona as Mrs. Claus, my volunteer work, and being a part of the WOW! community is near and dear to I truly believe that “Well behaved women rarely make history” and has worked at many male-dominated jobs before women did them. 
I am most proud to have earned many awards, among them being on the dean’s list at College as an adult student, Woman of the Year in 1987 and Woman of Excellence in 2013!